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'Poor old Cecil is a lonely old fella. Some say he is the spirit remains of Sir Cecil Hamilton. He owned Hogmead Hall from 1763 until his untimely death in 1807. He died falling from a rickety stool and hitting the sandstone floor in his cellar. He was reaching for a bottle of Vintage Chardonnay from 1742 and lost his balance. His butler Leonard found him cold, an hour after his fall. Alas it was too late to save the poor gent. A most regal monument was erected in the grounds of Hogmead to honour Cecil. People to this very day who stay at the Hall hear kind whisperings in the dead of night. His ghost wanders. No haunted words, just kind wine recommendations to the guests.'


The sculpture measures about 25cm high. 


Please contact me if you need a quote for shipping to another country or if you want to commission another tailor-made creature at any scale.




'Cecil, The Festive Ghost of Hogmead Hall'

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