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A creature from the lush saline lagoons of Loch of Stenness in Orkney. It constantly wades through the deep and dark waters with its Clarinet safely raised high obove his head. Gleefuly looking for an audience for his back catalogue of musical compositions. Whether this be a cluster of barnacles on the side of a rocky outcrop or an unsuspecting roosting gull on a barren cliffside. The quality of his songs are said to be variable but his enthusiasm is always great.


This completely unique sculpture is handcrafted and scratch built by Tom of Curious Oddities. The above story and history will accompany the sculpture in the form of a magical and aged certificate. The sculpture measures approximately 22cm tall and 21cm wide (including brass base). 


Please message me if you have any questions about this artwork or if you'd like to commission a piece. 

'Shandella, The Music Maker'

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