Latest News and Current Projects

Hello! A friendly update from Tom on the the evening of 29th March 2022. 

Hope you're well and in reasonably good spirits, enjoying a bit of the fleeting Spring sun. Not had an update on my news section in a while, must do better this year, at least a new one per month! To be honest I have quite a few creative projects on the simmer and bubbling up so plenty to share. Firstly, some splendid news this week in the form of securing a place at Glastonbury this year for my new walkabout performance. The amazing concept was imagined by my partner Jay and we shall be collaborating, creating and performing the two costumed characters. Keeping the idea secret at this early stage but will be sure to do some sneak peek pics over on my social media as things develop. It should be a very special one as it is the 50th anniversary of the festival, and it hasn't been on for two years because of the dreaded COVID! If you're wondering what a most unusual metal man on a brass throne is below, I can explain. I have been saving and investing over the last couple of years in the kit to start my adventure into Stopmotion Animation. Including help from my amazing family. It has always seemed the natural progress to bring my sculpted creatures to life. It will be a long and at times frustrating journey to learn the software and technicalities, but ultimately worth it in the long run and hopefully something extremely rewarding! Currently I have constructed a metal armature, that will become an fully animatable King character. This will sit in its brass throne and ultimately I'll create a large Set to bring it all to life. With a touch of lighting, hopefully I'll be ready to experiment with making a very mini film or scene at least! Lastly I'd like to say I am currently open to commissions, so please get in touch with your ideas. However big or small!    

Happy Spring! 

Tom (Curious Oddities)