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Latest News and Current Projects

Hello! Bit of an update from Tom! (May 2023)

I've been working on a big project for around the last six months, and just finished a residency with a group of researchers at the University of Birmingham. My brief was to create a scaled up Bacteria Model to show the influx and efflux of Antibiotics. Forming something that is useful in educating but also has its strengths as a piece of sculpture/art. I love collaborating with groups of people who come to the table with very different ideas and hearing what they are passionate about, in this case microbiology. This approach often sparks more interesting ways of creating and allows me to explore new techniques, textures and forms in my own way of designing/sculpting. My friend and collaborator Simon Peecock has shot a beautiful mini film of the finished model with the glowing blue antibiotics pumping through the floating cell structure. Find a sneak peak still from the film below, I hope to share the film soon and will be sure to update it to my website! Also lots more news on upcoming projects, events and a new shop soon to appear integrated within my website.


Have a splendid week!




A sculpture I created  of a scaled up Bacteria to show the influx and efflux of Antibiotics
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